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Product Offers & Sale Banners

Boost Sales and Customer Engagement with Offer and Sale Banners on Your Pharmacy Website

website and offer banner for a pharmacy website

Offer and sale banners are crucial to any pharmacy website. These banners provide your customers with the necessary information about ongoing discounts, offers and promotions, which can encourage them to make a purchase.

It’s essential to create an appealing banner design that is easily noticeable and clearly communicates the offer’s details.


for 3 banners, excluding VAT.

To create effective banners, it’s essential to use the right language and design elements. The banner should clearly communicate the offer or promotion, and use phrases like “limited time offer,” “discount,” and “sale” to create a sense of urgency. Including a call to action like “Shop now” or “Buy one, get one free” can encourage customers to take advantage of the promotion.

Banners should also be visually appealing and stand out on the website. They should use eye-catching colours and typography to grab the customer’s attention. The placement of the banners is also crucial to their effectiveness. They should be placed in strategic locations, such as on the homepage, product pages, or checkout pages, where customers are likely to see them.

In addition to increasing sales, offer and sale banners can also help build customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to return to a website if they know they can expect to find great deals and promotions. By regularly updating the banners with new offers, pharmacies can keep customers engaged and coming back to their website.

In summary, offer and sale banners are an important tool for any pharmacy website. They can help boost sales, increase customer engagement, and build loyalty. By using the right language and design elements and strategically placing the banners on the website, pharmacies can maximize their impact and reap the benefits of increased sales and customer satisfaction.


We have a transparent approach to all of our services. Get in touch if you have any more questions.

What sizes do you provide?

We design to your banners to fit the ‘hero’ section of your website, this is the section at the top of the homepage. We can also adjust the finished banners to fit social media posts, we will send you a quote based on your requirements.

What do you design with?

We design all our banners with Adobe Photoshop®, we provide you with a flattened file that can be inserted into you website. We can also design in Canva® if you want the ability to use the banners as a template in the future. Training is also available by our team if you want to learn how to use this web application for future in-house banners.

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OMBA O'Mahoney Business Advisors logo branding
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